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University student monthly internship Exchange Conference

2019-07-29 14:12

After a week of intensive training, bell entered various departments and workshops for internship. General manager chengdongzhe convened leaders of all management levels to hold monthly exchange meeting with college students in the conference room on the second floor at 13:30 pm on August 10, 2016.

The two teams of "pioneering team" and "vanguard" on the meeting table are marked out of the standard. The two groups of players sit in line, and the leaders sit around the surrounding area, like to launch a friendly competition PK competition. At the meeting, Huang Yufeng, assistant general manager, made a brief opening speech, and then two teams made a report on the internship in one month through the PPT live demonstration. Ppt content is rich, students are fluent in explanation, focusing on the learning gains during this period, and puts forward some suggestions to the company through their own opinions. Dong Shiyuan, a master student, especially proposed that he would study dialect hard, and wanted to further understand the development of the company by understanding local characteristics and better and faster integration into the family of bell.

Chief engineer Huang Jian expressed satisfaction with your work report. In a short period of one month, from the point of view of the content of PPT, we have initially gained some knowledge, but Huang encouraged us to learn more deeply in practice, raise more problems and learn to solve problems. At the same time, Huang general made a simple question and answer for the purpose of verifying the learning situation of everyone, and the students rushed to answer the questions.

Tao Zhenggang, vice general manager, also gives great hope to the new people, asks them to learn for practical use, and they should be modest and serious. From scratch, he should dig experience from the teachers during his internship, and have his own ideas.

Zhang Jianhong, sales director, said that for the newly graduated college students, stepping into the society is the first step in a long march in life. Bell is an old enterprise with history, and has its advantages and bad habits. In order to make bell bigger and stronger, we must uphold the belief of hard work, find problems in probation and raise problems boldly, so as to further solve the problems.

Huang Yufeng, assistant general manager, said that the company has attached great importance to talents to introduce professional personnel. Talents are the core competitiveness of the long-term development of enterprises. Under the guidance of general manager Cheng, the company not only cares about the life of trainee students, but also hopes to cultivate talents through a series of training and exchange activities, and finally leave talents and give full play to the talent advantages.

Finally, general manager chengdongzhe expressed appreciation for the PPT report and also put forward some hope. Mr. Cheng first asked us to think more in the probation process, to have the spirit of innovation and set up a great goal that helps the career development; secondly, we have raised some shortcomings faced by the company in PPT, many of which are objective. We should think deeply and ask more why, how to solve these problems. In the process of learning, we should have their own ideas and ideas through deep analysis on the surface; finally, Cheng always comments on the report of the two teams, and hopes that we will exercise more expression ability in the future, because the expression ability represents the communication ability, which is one of the important skills that managers have. At the same time, we also hope that we have the team spirit, and we should learn from each other and constantly surpass each other to improve ourselves.

At the meeting, college students listened to the suggestions of leaders and their ardent hopes. We are confident that we will further improve ourselves through the next round of learning and move forward to higher requirements. The whole conference room is full of youthful vigor, full of strong energy, and is a new positive energy rising. I believe that this is the spark and hope of bell, and will soon become a burning fire, and promote the company to develop higher and further.