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Siber passed the evaluation of "Wuxi demonstration enterprise of integration of industrialization an

2019-07-29 14:12

According to the requirements of the notice on organizing the application for demonstration enterprises of integration of two chemical industries in Wuxi City, through the procedures of online guide announcement, enterprise application, urban acceptance and preliminary examination, form examination, expert evaluation, etc., the document No. [2016] of Xijing Xinfa was published, and Wuxi sibel magnetic materials Co., Ltd. won the bid as "demonstration enterprise of integration of two chemical industries in Wuxi City". This is the first time that the company has won an award in the intelligent informatization project of the economic and Information Commission.

In the era of industry 4.0 and the innovation of China's manufacturing industry, in order to promote the deep integration of our industry and information technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and achieve sustainable development, bell implemented the production line and MES system technology transformation (smart factory) project in 2015. Feng Jianxiang, chairman of Jingshi group, is in charge of the project, Cheng Dongzhe, general manager of siber, is in charge of the project, and Huang Jian, chief engineer, is in charge of the project. I-ems system platform of Haibao smart factory is introduced, with a total investment of more than 5 million yuan. The initial investment is 2.4 million yuan, including 1.03 million yuan for software and 1.36 million yuan for hardware and automation production line. It is planned to turn the "silly big black rough" magnetic manufacturing industry into "my fair lady" and pave an innovative way for traditional industries to move towards intelligent development.

As an enterprise engaged in the production and manufacture of magnetic materials for nearly 40 years, the company's future development goal and choice is to realize the networking and centralized management of all equipment and instruments in the production workshop, automatic collection and data transmission of production information, remote monitoring and automatic control of equipment operation status and production process. The implementation of smart factory can help our company to realize lean production, digital production, visual workshop, Kanban management, intelligent manufacturing and other management modes, realize automatic production scheduling of workshop production plan, wireless networking management of production line, timely alarm of abnormal conditions, maintenance and management, and improve the intelligent application level of products, equipment, production, management and services, To realize the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing can improve the timeliness and accuracy of information, optimize enterprise inventory, reduce capital occupation, improve the accuracy and control ability of operation plan, improve the accuracy of enterprise work efficiency, production capacity and financial budget, so as to reduce costs and realize the organic unity and integration of information flow, logistics, capital flow, business flow and value flow integrate.

In accordance with the requirements of "integration of industrialization and informatization" of the economic and Information Commission, bell boldly put forward the idea of "digital leading, innovation driven, green manufacturing, and efficiency doubling". The implementation of the "smart factory" project is an intelligent way for the company to plan enterprise management, mode innovation and business restructuring from a strategic height. After the completion of the project, it will greatly improve the current three major management problems of product delivery, quality and cost, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and give peers in the province a benchmark to drive the technological upgrading of the magnetic industry, so that the traditional manufacturing industry can achieve "rebirth".